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Adele’s back with “Easy on Me” 
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Adele’s back with “Easy on Me” 

We had to wait for 6 long years but she is finally back: Adele releases Easy On Me her first single from her new album 30. The reactions of her fans is unique! I admit I’ve never been an Adele’s fan, but I must confess that yesterday I waited for midnight to come in order to listen to her new single “Easy on Me”… and did I like it? I absolutely loved it… even if it made me cry. Of course, afters such an injection of feelings, I started reading comments of her fans from all over the world, and Lil NasX was - I think - the leader on twitter yesterday night. He said: “Easy On Me’ is so good. It’s so crazy to think the last time Adele released new music I was sitting on stan Twitter. I feel like I’m 15 again.” (this appeared on a twit he quickly deleted)  The song is such a heavy ba...
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