Adele’s back with “Easy on Me” 

We had to wait for 6 long years but she is finally back: Adele releases Easy On Me her first single from her new album 30. The reactions of her fans is unique!

I admit I’ve never been an Adele’s fan, but I must confess that yesterday I waited for midnight to come in order to listen to her new single “Easy on Me”… and did I like it? I absolutely loved it… even if it made me cry.

Of course, afters such an injection of feelings, I started reading comments of her fans from all over the world, and Lil NasX was – I think – the leader on twitter yesterday night. He said: “Easy On Me’ is so good. It’s so crazy to think the last time Adele released new music I was sitting on stan Twitter. I feel like I’m 15 again.” (this appeared on a twit he quickly deleted) 

The song is such a heavy basket of mixed feelings, and the video enhances them all, allowing us to understand the “journey” that this song is taking us on. 

As if there was a sort of mirroring with her real life, the video shows Adele walking in an empty house – which clearly takes us back to “Hello” – and it is all black and white, as to underline the fact that she went through very hard times: and in a way or another, we can all see ourselves in this situation, especially after these last couple of years.

She is a much mature woman now, and she knows that as a mother, she has responsibilities but as woman she cannot – and must not! – give up on living her life: she sings to her son, Angelo, and she asks him to be “easy on” her, and to try to understand her for her divorcing his father. 

Halfway through her video, all those black & white images give way to colour images: a clear message for everyone that better times are coming or, at least, are always waiting for us after difficulties. 

Fans’ Reactions

On social media Adele said she was “nowhere near” where she hoped she would be when she first started writing her new album three years ago. She also added: “I rely on routine and consistency to feel safe, I always have […] And yet there I was knowingly – willingly even, throwing myself into a maze of absolute mess and inner turmoil!” (referring to her divorce) “a lot of blistering home truths” about herself in the last few years and that she has “shed many layers […] I’ve painstakingly rebuilt my house and my heart since then and this album narrates it. Home is where the heart is.”

The Album “30” is due to be released on 19th November.

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