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Eurovision 2024 – Qualifiers of the second semifinal
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Eurovision 2024 – Qualifiers of the second semifinal

We have 10 more qualifiers for the grand finale of Eurovision 2024 in Malmö. What a show this second semifinal of Eurovision 2024, but hey! Malta was robbed! Period! There is no other explanation  if Latvia - which has got a great song this year but gave such a flat show on that stage yesterday night - made it to final and Sorah Bonnici did not!!! This said: welcome to a new reaction, this time for the second semifinal of Eurovision Song Contest 2024! My name is Raffa and this is TheGaylyMirror. Let’s start from the whole show: Sweden really knows how to host a Eurovision, and they are showing it every single moment. Not a technical imperfection, not a single dead second, and a great flowing of the acts one after the other. The choice of the hosts and the “funny” jokes they delivered, ...
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