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Love is way more than just a feeling

Love is way more than just a feeling

Psychologists call it drive, that motivational impulse that makes us feel and do better, with one main goal: spending as much time as possible with the one we are in love with. You see him, you like him, he likes you back. He smiles at you and you at him - timidly or nervously, it makes no difference. He comes closer and starts chatting with you. You guys decide to go to his place, or yours - again, it makes no difference. Once at home, in a second, you both stare at each other's eyes, start kissing, take off your clothes, and... boom! You find yourself naked, having the most amazing sex of your life. Surprisingly, he knows what you are craving for and how to give it to you. He knows what you like, although he doesn't know you at all. It looks and feels like a spell, but it's real. It's h...
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