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True love lasts forever. Seriously?
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True love lasts forever. Seriously?

Once upon a time, love would last a lifetime. Today there's room for more than just one love in a lifetime: divorce rates keep rising while marriage drops. Why? As I said, "once upon a time" couples would stay together forever. Yes, that was back in the Middle Ages,  when only the luckiest people would get to turn 45 years of age as plague and starvation would kill you way before. At that time, aged 20 (or even earlier), you would get married and spend the other twenty years making babies and then die, yes, because there was no such thing as divorce. Today our life expectancy is way higher. We are aware that we can easily fall in love with someone or even hate that person; it only takes a moment. Just like any other thing in the world, love is born, grows, changes, dies, and turns into...
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