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Cropped haircuts and political idiocy – Pt.1
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Cropped haircuts and political idiocy – Pt.1

So, if I don't look like that, does it mean I'm less lesbian than you? Today’s statement on what a lesbian must look like has been thwarted and dismembered by the ‘lesbian fashionistas’. Their statement does not cease at fashion but overlaps to what you should weigh and the requirement of lesbian behaviour. Dress codes change through time but the disputed distinctive lesbian look is today’s glorified symbol: Cropped haircuts, baggy clothes and bright or dark colours are acceptable. You cannot appear to symbolise femininity as the fight of lesbianism has shadowed the feminine ways of so many of us. To look, behave and to speak as a woman would be nothing more than traitorous and controversial to the movement. A minority of disregarded lesbians such as myself would class the lesbia...
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