Cropped haircuts and political idiocy – Pt.1

So, if I don’t look like that, does it mean I’m less lesbian than you?

Today’s statement on what a lesbian must look like has been thwarted and dismembered by the ‘lesbian fashionistas’. Their statement does not cease at fashion but overlaps to what you should weigh and the requirement of lesbian behaviour.
Dress codes change through time but the disputed distinctive lesbian look is today’s glorified symbol: Cropped haircuts, baggy clothes and bright or dark colours are acceptable. You cannot appear to symbolise femininity as the fight of lesbianism has shadowed the feminine ways of so many of us. To look, behave and to speak as a woman would be nothing more than traitorous and controversial to the movement. A minority of disregarded lesbians such as myself would class the lesbian movement as a parallel to a dictatorship’s strategical warplay to power.

The question to ask is ‘ has social frustration led to the lesbian community ostracising individuality?’. We have all fallen prey to men who talk before they think. The usual question of ‘who’s the man and who’s the woman in the relationship?’ has reached a level beyond irritation. I would often get asked that question being a fem who dates fem. At first, I would try to explain to the close minded and ignorant individuals that ‘when two women are in a relationship, how can you ask who is the man when neither one of us are born with male genitalia’ ? Obviously, their question refers to’ who wears the trousers in the relationship’ meaning who leads and who follows. As the years went by I found little quirky replies that would soon have them wishing they hadn’t brought up their purposely patronising questions.

They expect aggressiveness as a response for them to justify their little game but when you answer with a smile and a giggle ‘well, when the wife calls you, you go running so I guess it makes you the bitches subordinate’ they soon keep quiet. A response as such would either leave them speechless, award you a high five or they would walk away in a huff. The years of verbal abuse and sexual assault perpetrated by men on to lesbians has caused the community to bathe in bitterness and turn away those that do not confine to their requirements of what a lesbian must look like, behave like and politically side with today. I find this behaviour utterly disturbing since we know far too well the obstacles we had and have to face on a daily basis when confronted by village idiots.

Let’s begin the process of elimination by confronting the political hysteria. As a well informed and politically degreed individual, I am literate on current affairs as well as Middle-Eastern politics. The community has pledged its allegiance to Jeremy Corbyn, a man who if one would come to be in disagreement with his policies or dislike his person then confrontation ensues. If a lesbian is found to have voted for Boris Johnson in the previous election or is an all round conservative party member, than you would be greeted with discontent, verbal abuse and at times a lesbian on the blob who’s ready to throw a couple of punches your way.


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