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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 has just been cancelled
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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 has just been cancelled

A very hard and suffered decision communicated by EBU a few hours ago. The spread of infections from Covid-19 around the world is forcing each government to very restrictive measure in order to contain - as much as possible - the outbreak of the virus and save lives. The health of artists, workers, fans, visitors and all people involved in Eurovision 2020 has become the heart of the decision take by EBU. The Netherlands started a series of very strong measure to fight this virus, following other European countries like Italy, Spain and France - for example - where all gatherings of people are forbidden and where travels have received a very strong and restrictive ban. https://youtu.be/UQgcqE4a620 Rotterdam could host Eurovision Song Contest 2021 Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor,...
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