Eurovision Song Contest 2020 has just been cancelled

A very hard and suffered decision communicated by EBU a few hours ago.

The spread of infections from Covid-19 around the world is forcing each government to very restrictive measure in order to contain – as much as possible – the outbreak of the virus and save lives. The health of artists, workers, fans, visitors and all people involved in Eurovision 2020 has become the heart of the decision take by EBU.

The Netherlands started a series of very strong measure to fight this virus, following other European countries like Italy, Spain and France – for example – where all gatherings of people are forbidden and where travels have received a very strong and restrictive ban.

Rotterdam could host Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor, in the post released by Eurovision.tv, said: “We are very proud of the Eurovision Song Contest, that for 64 years has united people all around Europe. And we are deeply disappointed about this situation. The EBU, together with the Host Broadcaster NPO, NOS, AVROTROS and the City of Rotterdam will continue to talk to see if it’s possible to stage the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam in 2021. I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the process of staging a great Eurovision Song Contest this year. Unfortunately, that was not possible due to factors beyond our control. We regret this situation very much, but I can promise you: the Eurovision Song Contest will come back stronger than ever.”

But Jon is not the only one to send a message to all people involved with ESC2020.

Also NPO chairwoman Shula Rijxman added her felt thoughts for the event and this decision: “This decision by the EBU was inevitable, given the circumstances currently affecting all of Europe as a result of the coronavirus and all the measures that governments must now take. This is a big disappointment for the Dutch audience, the fantastic team behind the scenes, the presenters and the artists. In recent months, a large group of people have worked hard on the Song Contest. We thank them for their great commitment and regret that the results of the efforts will not be visible in the short term. We would particularly like to mention the municipality of Rotterdam, which has proven itself as the ideal partner in this project in the past year. This edition was an excellent opportunity to understand each other differently in a period of uncertainty in Europe, but above all an opportunity to really bring Europe together. Music is universally binding and – I am sure – it will stay that way. Even after this corona crisis.”

We should not be disappointed

No, we really should not be disappointed as this was a decision taken to keep everyone’s health and life safe.

Sietse Bakker, Executive Producer Event, admitted that he understands the disappointment given from this new: “For the artists from 41 participating countries, our opening and interval acts that put their hearts and souls into their performance. For the fans who have always supported us and have kept confidence until the last moment. And not least, for the fantastic team, which has worked very hard in recent months to make this 65th edition a great success. We understand and share that disappointment. Some perspective is appropriate because, at the same time, we also realize that this decision and its consequences don’t compare to the challenges faced by people affected, directly or indirectly, by the coronavirus and the difficult but necessary measures.”


The entire team of Eurovision Song Contest 2020 is now working to follow up on the needed solutions and works to be done, and even though this news might let us think that “what’s done, is done”, there are so many more things to be looked after now that the works really won’t stop.

If you have any questions related to this cancellation of Eurovision 2020, please click here to access the FAQ session.

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