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Who will win Sanremo 2024?
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Who will win Sanremo 2024?

Who will win Sanremo 2024? Just a few hours before the grand finale of Festival di Sanremo 2024 and this is the biggest question all Sanremo and Eurovision lovers are asking themselves. Yes, there are a few more questions I would be asking too, as a Sanremo 2024 and Eurovision passionate... but just give me some time and we shall find out the answers. The first four nights: just food for thoughts. The first four nights of Festival di Sanremo 2024 have surely offered all the viewers some great moments music, fun and unforgettable shows, but have left many Italians and loads of viewers from all over the world with some bitterness. How can a rapper/trapper/pop "singer" like Geolier be so favourite in winning this Sanremo 2024, when all he is doing, is bringing a song which lyrics ar...
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