Who will win Sanremo 2024?

Who will win Sanremo 2024?

Just a few hours before the grand finale of Festival di Sanremo 2024 and this is the biggest question all Sanremo and Eurovision lovers are asking themselves. Yes, there are a few more questions I would be asking too, as a Sanremo 2024 and Eurovision passionate… but just give me some time and we shall find out the answers.

The first four nights: just food for thoughts.

The first four nights of Festival di Sanremo 2024 have surely offered all the viewers some great moments music, fun and unforgettable shows, but have left many Italians and loads of viewers from all over the world with some bitterness.

Geolier – Sanremo 2024

How can a rapper/trapper/pop “singer” like Geolier be so favourite in winning this Sanremo 2024, when all he is doing, is bringing a song which lyrics are so machist and are making no justice at all to the fantastic and historical Neapolitan music and culture?

Should we believe that what is being said in Italy – that Geolier’s supports have been giving free sim cards with credit in order for people from Naples to vote for him – is true? Or shall we just think that, possibly, the tastes of Italians when it comes to good music, have drastically changed towards songs like this?

I honestly do not have an answer for this, but one thing is sure: my dearest readers, Neapolitan people do have an immense, fantastic and historical language, musica and culture that are NOT what is being proposed on that stage by this “artist”. Belive me, please.


Annalisa - Sanremo 2024
Annalisa – Sanremo 2024

Annalisa, such a great and powerful singer, has been delivering great acts in the last few years, and we all believe that is finally her turn to shine and win this Festival di Sanremo 2024.

According to bookmakers, and fans from all over Europe – no matter what other people might think (Geolier winning Sanremo 2024 – Goood please! Save us from this disgrace!) – she is the possible and favourite winner that would greatly represent Italy in Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö.

Yesterday, during the night of the covers, she has delighted the audience with a superb remake of “Sweet Dream (are made of this)” by Eurythmics (which we can watch below).

What can we say about the song she is competing with? 

In my opinion, this is again another great piece of Italian pop music that shows her personality, her capability of delivering great shows, her humble soul and of singing about women empowerment and acceptance. Personally, this would be a great act that would make Italians proud of their representative at Eurovision 2024.

Mahmood: sexiness and great voice.

Mahmood - Sanremo 2024
Mahmood – Sanremo 2024

I do not know what you thinks, babes, but hey! This year, I’m loving Mahmood so much.

Costume-wise he is embodying a gender-fluid, yet masculine and sexy guy, that here at The Gayly Mirror we are absolutely living for.

His song at this Sanremo 2024 is yet again, another powerful electro-pop piece enriched with meaningful lyrics of received hate that has become acceptance and empowerment. Like for the majority of his songs, and Soldi, that we all loved, he sings about his difficult upbringing in the outskirts of Milan as a half Egyptian and half Italian guy.

Notwithstanding the degraded situations he faced, notwistanding the very difficult relation he had with his father, he proudly sings about how he came out of all of that and is now the person he is, thanks to the music.

Would I want him to win this Sanremo 2024? I would not dislike it, to be 100% honest.

But the initial question still stands: Who will win Sanremo 2024?

We will find it out tonight on Ra1 (just click here to watch the live show at 20:45 CET).

Who is your favourite singer?

Let me know! And May The Best Singer WIN!

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