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Superman’s son comes out as bisexual
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Superman’s son comes out as bisexual

Let’s welcome Superman’s son - Jon Kent - a new bisexual hero we will all fall in love with. It’s the news that everyone is talking about (and too many people are actually doing it in a negative way), but it is also the one that gives us all a big smile on our faces. Jon Kent will come out as bisexual in the next episode of Superman: Son of Kal-EL #5: writer Tony Taylor made the announcement on National Coming Out Day saying "Everyone needs heroes" The 5th book will be out in libraries on 9th Nov 2021: written by Tom Taylor and designed by John Timms, it will tell the story of Earth's new Superman as he explores being the most powerful being in the world after his father leaves Earth to attempt to free the people of Warworld. A role that really consumes our dear and young Jon and fo...
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