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Sophia Loren and Barilla’s inclusive pasta commercial
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Sophia Loren and Barilla’s inclusive pasta commercial

Barilla is being surprisingly more inclusive than ever. A few years ago Barilla - the famous Italian Pasta producer - ended up on all newspapers and blogs after their spokesperson admitted they would have never pictured an LGBT+ family in their commercials as the only kind of family they believed in was the one made of a man and a woman. Clearly their sales dropped to the minimum and they got involved into a media battle that pictured them - with obvious and unassailable reasons - like Homophobic and racist. Well.. a few months later, they had to publicly admit their "indelicate" behaviour and finally they started being so LGBT+ friendly, and LGBT+ allies that we still find it hard to believe today. Even their pasta is not the best you can find on shelves, their investments in te...
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