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THE SEXPERT: Let’s Speak Lesbianese
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THE SEXPERT: Let’s Speak Lesbianese

Lesbian sex isn't defined by toys but by our natural instinct and given equipment: fingers work just as well as dildos.    What makes so many fantasise about lesbian sex ?  We are the epidemie for every straight man and straight woman’s sexual fantasy that all men want a threesome with two women and straight women actively seek a lesbian experience. Do we let off some secret sexual musk that strokes your g-spot ? We all know far too well that for thousands of years, lesbian sex has been portrayed through literature and art - as well as practiced in ancient Greece and Rome. Even Cleopatra was one to indulge in the forbidden fruit. It is clear that lesbians are perceived as a sex symbol. I believe that this is the only reason why lesbians are more accepted in society then gay ...
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