THE SEXPERT: Let’s Speak Lesbianese

Lesbian sex isn’t defined by toys but by our natural instinct and given equipment: fingers work just as well as dildos. 


What makes so many fantasise about lesbian sex ?  We are the epidemie for every straight man and straight woman’s sexual fantasy that all men want a threesome with two women and straight women actively seek a lesbian experience. Do we let off some secret sexual musk that strokes your g-spot ? We all know far too well that for thousands of years, lesbian sex has been portrayed through literature and art – as well as practiced in ancient Greece and Rome.

Even Cleopatra was one to indulge in the forbidden fruit. It is clear that lesbians are perceived as a sex symbol. I believe that this is the only reason why lesbians are more accepted in society then gay men. It is fascinating how many people would ask me ‘so what do lesbians do in bed?’.I would typically answer ‘watch lesbian porn and let me know what you think.’

The general population have difficulties understanding how two women can have intercourse if there is no male genitalia involved. Though many have a vast sexual imagination, they tend to stagnate in ideas on how two women can seek pleasure. Obviously, straight sex, gay sex and lesbian sex varies and none use the exact same methods but we all have the same end goal of orgasm. From my experience, lesbian sex is about touching each base when the time is right and not rushing into mad sexual penetration in the first 5 minutes.

We enjoy the little pleasures that are far overlooked by other sexual orientations. We indulge in the little treats before giving one’s self up to the garden of Eden. Thus, what is so terribly difficult to understand about lesbian sex ? the fact that no lesbian has a penis naturally sowned to her seems to perplex people. We do not always need toys to find pleasure and quite often keep to our natural roots of using our fingers. Fingers are a good enough tool and though we do not feel the brushing as a sexual stimulant, we therefore pay more attention to our partner and focus solely on pleasuring her.

We are more intertwined sexually with focusing on the other person’s happiness then on our own hence why we are such great love makers. The expression ‘it is not a race but a marathon’ exactly defines the base to lesbian sex. We do not require a dildo to please ourselves or be a partner as we use what natural given gifted anatomy we have. 

So to speak lesbianese would first and foremost consist of ‘there is no limit to what and how we can sexually perform’.

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