Turkish Children asked to stop drawing rainbows as this will turn them gay.

Pure idiocy.

We all know that unfortunately Turkey, since their actual president is on his “throne” and politics allows always more space to extremist religious parties, homophobia has seen a peak and the poor Turkish LGBT+ population is having an always more hard life.

A few days ago, with the beginning of the Ramadan, the head of religious affairs gave a very homophobic speech, where he blamed LGBT+ people for poisoning the youth, with their corrupted ideology. Apparently these words sorted effects on the ministry of education that has ordered schools and educators to stop children from drawing rainbows as these are symbols of the LGBT+ perversion that will turn all children gay.

There is more! As reported on the JPost, The Museum of Modern Art of Instambul launched a campaign across Turkey encouraging children to take part to a little drawing contest and their works would have been displayed on the museum’s website. This initiative was quickly stopped by the Turkish Minister of education who also warned schools “not to be fooled by perverts”.

Educators and schools directors were called from the Minister’s office in order not to allow children to take part to this project, and all teachers who encouraged their students to take part to it instead, have been accused of “LGBT+ propaganda”.

No worries dear Minister, our LGBT+ People from Turkey have a message for you full of colourful rainbows.

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