Two bodies found inside car of North Carolina lesbian couple who disappeared on 15th April

The car was discovered “deep in the woods and covered in vegetation”.

On Monday, police officers in Wilmington (North Carolina) they discovered a gray Dodge Dart belonging to Paige Escalera, 25, that was last seen with her fiancée, Stephanie Mayorga, 27, on 15th April – at the time, police said that the two disappeared under “suspicious” circumstances.

The car was found just after 3 p.m. outside the Watermark Marina with two unidentified bodies inside, Wilmington police said in the statement on Tuesday. The vehicle was found to be hidden “deep in the woods and covered in vegetation,” and authorities believe the car “may have been involved in an extremely high velocity crash.”

Autopsies have already been scheduled but unfortunately it was not possible to recognise the two bodies inside the car “due to the effects of decomposition”.

Escalera and Mayorga were reported missing by their roommate, who filed a missing persons report only several days after they vanished leaving their dog and Escalera’s mobile phone behind. 

Wilmington Police Captain Thomas Tillman said surveillance footage showed the couple leaving their house and driving car but then no traces of the two girls which had recently moved in together (March).

After the report of car crash in the area where the car was found, police said they received a call from a person who did not identify: “a caller advised that they saw a car in their rearview mirror heading west on Independence Boulevard, going at a high rate of speed, possibly hitting a wall and then going into the wooded area.”

Police, the fire department and emergency medical responders quickly went to the place where the accident had supposedly happened and used flashlights to search the woods but unfortunately they did not see any evidence of an accident or of the car discovered on Monday. No injured people were found also, and the police could not investigate further.


Picture credits and news source: NBC News 


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