A Filippino politician created very homophobic and shameful punishments for LGBT+ people not respecting isolation amid Covid-19 pandemic.

Filippino’s craziness. 

A Filipino politician reportedly forced some LGBT+ people – which did not respect isolation during this Coronavirus pandemic – to kiss each other and perform “sexy dance” in front of minors and other people as a punishment.

Christopher Bombing Punzalan – this is the name of this captain (elected chairman) of the Pandacaqui barangay (district) – he particularly targeted LGBT+ people (according to Rappler) and if he found them out of their houses “breaking the rules” of Covid-19 curfew, he started punishing them in very humiliating ways. He also posted a series of Facebook live videos of him confronting a group breaking the 8pm lockdown curfew, those videos have now been deleted. (Who know why?)

He accused a group of gay people he found out in the streets to be out of their houses because they were looking for prostitutes, and decided that three of them had to perform a sexy dance for him and kiss each other in front of minor who had broken the rules of isolation.

According to Gaynews “The punishments for the LGBT+ people continued to get more bizarre and humiliating, as the captain called in a Zumba instructor to lead the group in dancing to 18 songs. One of the LGBT+ people being punished, 22-year-old Jesssica Mallari, said that they were forced to copy TikTok dances.”

Oh, yes! Once the entire happening got internationally revealed, he suddenly apologised and said he had no intention in humiliating those people but only wanted to teach them an important lesson.

I’m sorry… but what lessons were they supposed to learn from your behaviour, honey?

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