American Soldier and TikTok star that will make your phone super hot.

He is one of the most followed on TikTok and his videos are a mix of funny moment and hot moves.

He is often shirtless showing off his very well shaped body (oh good lord!!)… and since he has opened his TikTok profile he became a star of this social network, that Trump is threatening to close in the USA.


@garett__nolanthis is how we like it dc: @whoisdvrko ##dvrkochallenge♬ This is How – DVRKO & Sarah de Warren

His sexy and fun videos can reach over 60k likes and he now touched the number of 4.7 Millions followers.

His TikTok profile is also one of the most automatically pushed profiles on the social network where he became one of the fist verified profiles in the USA.

He served in the United States’ armed forces. His former Tiktok account was garett_nolan, with one underscore, and he is only 27!

One of the most famous and hilarious series of videos that Garett posted on the platform is the one where his cat reacts to him singing (obviously bare-chested, to help us all keep a good level of hormones in our veins and brains)… that we simply loved.


@garett__nolanwho did it? ##foryou

♬ sonido original – garett__nolan

Garett is also a model, dancer and singer (he got them all!!), and you can find him and his hot but innocent shows also on Instagram.


oh… yes… apparently he has got a very beautiful girlfriend!

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