Darin Zanyar, Sweden’s king of pop, just came out as gay.

He came out to his 110k followers on Instagram with a special message rich in pride.

Darin Zanyar is 33-year-old, born in Sweden of Kurdish parents, king of Pop that on 3rd August told his 110,000 followers, and the whole world that he is “proud to be gay”.

Darin reached a high lever of fame in Sweden after becoming the runner-up in the first season of Idol, a TV talent show back in 2004, when he was only 16. He became one of the country’s best-selling artists, with seven number one albums.

Darin’s comingout-post on IG was received with lots of happiness and gratitude from the Kurdish Queer Community that praised the singer’s bravery for coming-out. He is not the first Kurdish artist to come out as a memento of the LGBT+ Commuinity, in fact his post came just one day after the Dutch-Kurdish singer Naaz, come out in IG post too.


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