Eurovision 2021 has got the first official song of the contest

It is the national Albanian selection that give Eurovision 2021 the first official song.

Anxhela Peristeri has won the 59th edition of Festivali I Këngës, and together with her song ‘Karma’ will represent Albania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam. The final was aired on 23rd December 2020 on RHTS and among the 18 participants, Anxhela really showed what talent and music together can do on a stage.

Anxhela is not new to this festival, in fact her first participation in Festivali i Këngës is dated back to 2001. Her career is rich in awards and musical achievements: so far she has been singing in concerts, festival like  Kënga Magjike, Çmimet Kult, Netët e Klipit and YFSF and she has also showed how good a songwriter she can be.

In 2004 she released an album titled Anxhela për ju (that translates as Angela For You). 

The Song

Karma is the official song that Anxhela will perform on the stage of Rotterdam 2021. This is a powerful and sentimental ballad in Albanian Language where the lyrics got enhanced by musical rhythms that bring us back to some Albanian atmospheres, and it is made even more powerful thanks to a clean, strong and technically prepared voice.

Albania got us used to very impressive singers and performances like the one we enjoyed in 2019 in Tel Aviv.

What is the show of their choreography going to be like on Eurovision 2021 stage? We will hopefully find it out in May!

Bravo Albania!

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