Eurovision Song Contest 2022 has elected their first 10 qualifiers for the grand final of Saturday, after a strong first semifinal.

No, not all of the finalists were what the Eurofans were expecting to see in the Final, and yes, we do feel that some unhappy artists really needed to be in the final instead of some others…but first, let’s enjoy the video reaction Raffa had during the announcements of the finalists.

Albania’s big delusion.

Ronela Hajati is absolutely one of the most acclaimed, loved but also one of the artists of this Eurovision 2022 that had loads of critics, and censorships. She was – anyway – able to really give us a great show (no matter what!) on that stage, to sing well and complete a complex and tiring choreography. And still, this was not enough to secure her a place int he grand final of Eurovision.

Delusion is only feeling that describes better what us Eurofans, and her in first person, must have felt when her flag did not appear on the screen announcing the first 10 finalists.

Switzerland surprisingly in the final.

Let me state the intentions of this post: no hate at all, this is purely a personal opinion.

Marius’ voice on that stage was pure passion: this is a fact. His staging though..was simply boring. Too much of a sad song with no choreography, or at least some special effects that could have “lifted” our hearts while listening and watching to his performance, was what the biggest majority of Eurovision Fans did not appreciate… me included. We almost felt like this sad ballad, on that stage, at that specific moment, just “killed” the mojo…and even though Switzerland got us used to great songs and acts, this year’s entry (the way it was performed on that stage yesterday), did not deserve to be in the final.

The Trash we were expecting and wanting from Moldova.

What can we say about our lovely Moldovan artists at Eurovision 2022? They gave us a moment of pure enjoyment, they made us laugh and sing along their trashy song. We all danced and had fun during their performance, and even if you did not like them, you cannot deny the fact that they made you smile and you found yourself singing a couple lines of their lyrics (at least those people who did not speak Moldovan could understand). Were we expecting to see them in the grand final: yes, we were. Do we feel anyway that their place could have been used for a better entry? OH YEAH!

TheGaylyMIrror’s polls and your selections.

We asked you here to vote for your finalists of SF1 of Eurovision, and your votes got in so numerous that the counting was long, so THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Out of 10, you, our beloved readers, got 8 finalists: Armenia, Lithuania, Portugal, Norway, Greece, Ukraine, Moldova, Netherlands.


Who was or were the act/acts you expected in the final and you did not see? Are you happy of all the finalists?

Let us know 🙂

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