Film recommendation: Cocoon

Cocoon is a gorgeous coming-of-age tale, a celebration of the long hot summer of 2018 and a sweet story of a teenage girl discovering her feelings for another young woman.

14-year-old Berliner Nora is waking up to the world – she still nurtures her caterpillars but is watching the world around her and learning about it and about who she wants to be. Her older sister Jule is affectionate but dismissive, caught up in a world of BFFs, parties and boys, plus the terminal embarrassment of having a younger sister hanging around. The pair of them have to deal with a young mother who is out partying more than she is there for the two teenagers; though she clearly loves them, she is wrestling with demons of her own.

Then Nora meets Romy, the cool new girl at school, and her life changes. She is drawn to Romy and her carefree approach to life, and their friendship develops into romance. Where will this adventure take the two of them?

This is a lovely, sun-filled film about being outside the norm, then finding someone who gets you and likes you as you are, and the strength that gives you to fly from your cocoon into the world.

(Also, the sequence filmed at Berlin Pride will fill you with joy, and the desire to be out, dancing, celebrating, protesting and kissing in these locked down times.)

Cocoon will be released later this year (we hope) in UK cinemas but for now can be seen online at two UK film festivals: Fringe! 2020 and Amplify.

https://www.barbican.org.uk/whats-on/2020/event/cinema-on-demand-cocoon – available until 16 November

https://www.amplifyfilm.org.uk/programme/cocoon – available 16 – 22 November


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