#MusicFriday – New music release – LE DEVA

We met Le Deva when they released their first song in support of the LGBT+ community in Italy, the song was called “L’amore merita” (that according to the lyrics I would translate as “Love deserves to be freely lived”) – and now they’re out with a new single “Brillare da sola”. (tr. shining alone).

The group was born in 2016 and is a girl-band who had a past in talent shows in Italy. In their songs they have always been singing about equal rights and equal love for everyone.

“Brillare da sola” is an invitation to find in our-selves the strength to face our everyday “battles” and to stop looking for support from other people that sometimes may suddenly disappear from our lives and leave us down.

Roberta Pompa, Greta Manuzzi, Laura Bono and Verdiana Zangaro form Le Deva and this new song for them is “a hymn to women” to be strong and love themselves no matter what.

Tony Maiello – writer of the song – said “this song is born from the need to tell about the courage of each woman. I’ve always been fascinated by their sensibility which is mixed to a supernatural strength to always react to the adversities of life. They are mothers, sisters, friends, people you can always rely on. Women are those little stars that light our lives, and because of this, they will always be able to shine, even alone and with no help from us. Women are unique in this world, without them life would not exist.”

Le Deva have been already awarded a “golden album” for their first song “L’amore Merita” – which was part of the album “4” – with over 2 millions streams on Spotify and 13 millions views on YouTube.

Le Deva have always been supporting LGBT+ Rights and they fully represent the diversity of this world and how we should all be living alongside with others accepting their differences and getting enriched by those.

Laura is openly lesbian, Greta and Roberta openly bisexual, Verdiana straight, and all of them are strong supporters of the LGBT+ Community in Italy and of the LGBT+ rights around the world.

Probably you may not understand Italian, but we would suggest you let the music speak to your soul.



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