GLAAD is calling for LGBT+ people and their allies to stop Trump re-election.

GLAAD’s president, Sarah Kate Ellis is asking the LGBT+ population to act ahead of the US Elections.

Sarah, in her open-hearted op-ed for The Advocate said: “We have 100 days to impact the course of history and put LGBTQ+ equality and social justice back on the forward-moving path,” and then urged everyone to register to vote, to talk to 10 people they know about how the election impacted and could impact them as an LGBT+ person, and, crucially, to get out and vote on 3rd November.

Already in 2018 mid-terms USA experienced a real “rainbow-wave” with the LGBT+ population electing public figures at all levels, and Sarah is positive that “we can do the same in the U.S. Senate” this year.

GLAAD has been monitoring Trump presidency over these years and unfortunately him and his administration have  repeatedly attacked the LGBT+ population of USA.

“GLAAD has tracked more than 160 attacks in policy and rhetoric from the president and his appointees since he took office in January 2017, and the number continues to grow.”

Sarah wrote that “Donald Trump and his administration have been “disastrous” for the LGBT+ community, pointing to GLAAD’s monitoring of his policies and campaign rhetoric. It literally started on day one with the removal of all mentions of LGBT+ people and policy from the official White House website and has continued nonstop. From the egregious ban on transgender service members to the elimination of tracking LGBT+ bullying and harassment in our schools to arguing against our equality in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, the attacks have been incessant. The president even asserted that businesses should be able to hang signs in their windows that say, ‘Gays Not Allowed’.”

It looks like this is going to be a real battle to avoid Trump’s re-election and improve the social conditions US are facing after this business became president of one of the most powerful countries in the world.

Good Luck GLAAD.

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