Latest Music Releases – “MAMMAMIA” by Måneskin and much more!

Lately, a set of new fresh songs by Eurovision artists dropped. Now, without further ado, check out below the most recent new releases.

  • Måneskin – “MAMMAMIA”

The winners of Eurovision 2021 are back with a massive heat filled up with sensuality and sexual tension. Damiano’s smoky voice portrays all the confidence of a real “Italiano”. The lyrics go about crossing boundaries, being yourself and “feeling sexy and freee…

  • Amir – “Rétine”

Amir brings back the French classic ballad sounds. Stripped-back from the beginning, it builds up to something modern, avant-garde and even electronic-inspired in the second half of the song. The song was written by Amir himself together with producers Nazim Khaled and Stav Beger.

  • Little Big – “Welcome To The Internet”

Featuring the American singer-songwriter Oliver Tree and part of the latest Little Big’s EP, “Welcome To The Internet” explores the phenomenon of viral memes and online behaviour. Do you really know how you act online? Is that the truest version of yourself? That’s what this song tries to go into!

  • Tom Hugo & Alexandra Rotan – “I Was a Fool”

Fred uninvited this time around, Alexandra and Tom Hugo joined up for a this beautiful ballad “I Was a Fool”, which proves that simplicity is sometimes more than enough. The violin strings makes it more magical then ever and transports you a whole new world.

  • Kristian Kostov – “Built Different”

The runner-up of Eurovision 2017’s latest single, “Built Different”, brings back the Anime universe which clearly has inspired Kristian in the past few years, on a hyper-electropop song vibe.

  • LOBODA – “Americano”

Ukrainian’s 2009 star new song “Americano” it’s perfect for the melancholic days. A mid-tempo proposal, which contrasts to most of her songs, but still of great quality!

  • Laura Rizzotto – “On My Mind”

Brazilian-Latvian singer is feeling much in love and being so much focused on someone you should not. A clear pop song, and a very consistent one.

What are your thoughts on this new music release? What are your favourites amongst them?




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