LIVE FROM TURIN – Eurovision 2022: a member of the Portuguese delegation testes positive for Covid19

Not really what the power team from Portugal was deserving.

EBU has released a note in the Press room saying:

“A member of the Portuguese delegation has tested positive for COVID-19 while undergoing routine antigenic testing at the PalaOlimpico venue in Turin.

They are feeling well and not displaying any symptoms.

In accordance with our Health and Safety protocol they have undertaken a further PCR test, have returned to their hotel and will now go into isolation for 7 days. We will update on their progress in due course.

According to the Health and Safety Protocol in place for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 the rest of the delegation are not obliged to enter isolation or quarantine but, in accordance with Italian law, must wear FFP2 masks at all times both inside and outside the venue.

Portugal will continue with their scheduled rehearsal this afternoon, Wednesday 4 May.”


We hope that no bad consequences will touch the Portuguese delegation, and we will keep you updated from the press room.

UPDATES: WED 4TH MAY – 16.21 GMT / 17.21 EU


MARO and her wonderful team of singers is on the stage of Eurovision for their second rehearsals.

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