Play cards become gender-equal in new pack created by teenager

Gender Equal cards to stop discriminations.

An Israeli youngster raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to create a brand-new deck of cards making the female characters equal to their male counterparts.

Whilst playing cards on vacation, Jerusalem-based teenager, Maayan asked her father a simple question: “Why is the Queen worth less than the King?

Her father didn’t have a good answer, which sparked the idea to create the world’s first gender-equal deck, with two Kings and Queens raised higher and two lower, she then added princesses to replace two of the Jacks – all with an equal scoring. They also created a female joker.

“Let’s be honest,” Maayan says, “playing cards were invented hundreds of years ago and they don’t make sense anymore today…we even have ruling female monarchs! I dare you to tell Queen Elizabeth, she is worth less than the kings before her!”

Seeing the potential her father, Uri Segal, invested an initial $2,000 USD for initial start-up costs making it clear, that this journey would have to be looked at as a business.

Maayan later went on to raise over $285,000 with Indiegogo, learning about paper and card quality and consulting with a designer to come up with the brand-new pack, which she has called Queeng – a mix of the words Queen and King.

The young entrepreneur continues, “Think about it, during a game, the first instinct is to check if you have a king – male – since he is worth more than the Queen – female. Is this the perception we want to educate our children with? Well I say, ‘No more’”.

To help raise more funding for their campaign and get your pack of Queeng playing cards as a gift, go to their indiegogo.com page



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