Putin is afraid a rainbow ice cream that can spread homosexuality in Russia.

It is not a joke, this is just reality.

YES, apparently Putin just accused a Russian ice-cream maker that they would be spreading “gay-propaganda” with their rainbow packaging.

The “issue” got raised by Ekaterina Lakhova, chairwoman of the official Women’s Union of Russia, in a vide, where she claimed that this rainbow ice-cream (produced by Chistaya Liniya) was “indirectly” promoting homosexuality in children and spreading gay ideology in Russia.

Lakhova, a forme MP, told the Russian President that : “They’re quietly promoting these nice rainbow colours, using nice words; they’re advertising an ice cream called Rainbow. There should be no propaganda, but the brand is advertising their ice cream on billboards with beautiful rainbow colours. Even indirectly, such things make our children accustomed to that colousr, to that flag that was hung at this embassy (the MP was referencing to the US Embassy in Moscow that raised the rainbow flag, ignoring Putin’s dictatorship, to celebrate the pride month)”.

The reactions

The ice cream producer answered that they were very surprised of these accusations and rejected any association with the LGBT+ community.

Vice president Armen Beniaminov said: “It is a delightfully delicious and high-quality ice cream with various colours based on natural dyes; For us, the rainbow represents the sunshine after rain, the most beautiful natural phenomenon. We don’t see any comparison with the LGBT+ movement or its symbols.”

What did they have to say in order to save themselves from Putin?

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