Sam and Demi’s new video is what we were waiting for

Sam Smith says that him and Demi are the 2020 Abba.

Speaking  from their homes – due to lockdown all around the world – to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Smith described the sounds and rhythms of their song “I’m Read” as “2020 ABBA”.

“We’ve had fun doing this. I haven’t taken myself seriously. I’m nervous about the song because the song for me is a song that’s reaching. And whenever I have those. You know what I say when a song’s reaching, when it’s like you’re reaching for the stars in the melody, you’re reaching for the stars in all of it.”

And this due is reaching for the stars in their video too!

Demi and Sam compete in a series of olympic disciplines and in each one of them they bring that “rainbow-frizz” that we all like. And what to say about the end of the video where the two singers accept their medals while a gospel chorus sings with them?

What to say? Nothing! You’d better watch it instead 🙂


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