The Big Bang Theory star, Jim Parson, opens up about his coming-out, and offers us some interesting reflections.

Jim Parsons said that the decision to come out as gay, back in 2016, was “great thing” for him.

Jim had a very interesting and almost introspective conversation about his coming out experience on David Tennant’s podcast.

Jim, that played the role of Sheldon Cooper in the famous TV Series, reflected on his experience of coming-out, as a famous person, but “through the back door”.

Speaking to Jim, Tennant said: “It’s interesting when you have the success that you have had and you also happen to be gay, you become de facto an activist. […] The very fact that you admit that in a world where still not everyone who’s in that position is willing to talk about it…”

Jim quickly understood the direction of the question and replied: “That’s right. And that was my last hurdle with coming out. The press. I knew that ‘you’ll be a gay actor from here on out’. And now, looking back, not only has it not been a bad thing for me, it’s been the opposite and a great thing for me, it’s not untrue, but also I don’t mind.”

He also added: “I was doing an interview the year after A Normal Heart with The New York Times and Patrick Healy was interviewing me and he just asked, ‘Was it more meaningful to you to be part of A Normal Heart because you’re gay?’ I went, ‘Yes.’ – And I just thought, I sort of came out through the back door, which again sounds dirty in this conversation. But it kind of was appropriate because, to your first question, I wasn’t trying to hide from my friends and family.”

Parsons, 47 now, has been in a relationship with his husband – Todd Spiewak –  for years. In October 2013, Jim called their relationship “an act of love, coffee in the morning, going to work, washing the clothes, taking the dogs out—a regular life, boring love”. Jim and Todd got married in New York in May 2017.

Jim and Todd – ph: Thegoodhousekeeping.com

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