Turkmenistan: famous showman and his partner arrested for being gay.

Turkmenistan is not a place for LGBT+ people.

We spoke about this side of the world in a recent post, but the news we keep on receiving from this area is not really encouraging.

A very famous showman from Turkmenistan has been arrested last month, together with his partner and a dozen of other men around the country simply for being gay, even though police officers used the excuse of suspicion of homosexual activities.

News and rumors of the gay showman’s arrest came out just a few days after we reported the horrible experience of the young man brutally beaten by police and forced to flee his country simply because he has HIV.

Around the arrest of this famous Turkmen showman there is still too much unclarity, and a source told Radio Free Europe that the well-known actor had been arrested, but said it had been difficult to get authorities to clarify the matter.


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