Naples to open a shelter for LGBT+ people amidst Coronavirus outbreak

Naples has a very big heart.

People have always been very divided when speaking about Naples: there’s always been and there’ll alway be  who will have good world for this city and who instead will have bad words, it has been and it will always be difficult to find someone who is realistic about this city, someone who can take pros and cons of Naples and analyse them… but hey, this is not the moment to do it.

Naples, however, has a great tradition of acceptance and integration (questionable, of course, but in its own way it something unique) of LGBT+ people, and in times of great difficulty this city knows how to show everyone their great heart.

As we can read from Il Mattino: “the council has arranged to make a withdrawal of eight thousand euros from the reserve fund to purchase furniture for the headquarters of the Municipality of Parco Carelli where the works for accessibility have just ended. ‘ It is necessary to combine concrete and urgent action to offer LGBT+ people victims of violence or in serious difficult situations of abandonment and indigence in the coming weeks an immediate availability of temporary hospitalisation. This office, which refers to the Department of Equal Opportunities, is located in Posillipo in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of the city. It is a bright sign of the culture of inclusion to have chosen it as location’ say councilors Menna and Panini.”

This is what makes a rainy day into a brighter day, Grazie Napoli.

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