Viktor Orban wants gay people to ‘leave our children alone’ in a homophobic attack to lesbian Cinderella book.

The Far-Right and homophobic prime minister of Hungary decided that a fairy-tale story book was way too dangerous for Hungarian children.

That he is such a homophobic character very linked to the same politics of his fellow-politician Mr. Putin, we never had any doubt about, and now he is attacking a story book for children that is trying to show the reality of our days and features LGBT+.

The book itself is a sweetened reflection of a normal society, and its characters include people with disabilities, the elderly, the poor and people from minority ethnic backgrounds having the majority of the stories with no references to the LGBT+ world if not just some light references, the far-right party in Hungary, together with the help of the Prime Minister, have seized upon the handful that do, including one that depicts Cinderella as a lesbian love story.

The party and all nazi-friendly associations linked to it have requested the book to be removed from book-shelves and destroyed. Apparently they haven’t learned the most shameful lessons Europe could remember that is linked to the burning of the books under the Nazi occupation.

There is a children book shop which is resisting this attack, Pagony, by refusing to pull down the book from their shelves. The owner said : “We believe that all people are equal and everyone deserves equal treatment. We stand by this principle at all times and reject all inciting, hateful content and manifestations. We do not enforce worldview, ideological considerations when deciding what book to sell. We believe that our customers are able to make responsible decisions about what they consider important, desirable, and affordable for their children when they choose from the offerings of our stores.”

On the other hand, Labrisz Lesbian Association says that attempts to censor the book have had “the opposite effect,” with the first run selling out entirely, requiring a second edition.

Orban and his clan have not given up yet, unfortunately.

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