Bogotá to lift gender-based lockdown rules.

These rules fuelled violence against the transgender community.

Claudia Lopez major of the Colombian city of Bogotá  – openly lesbian and married to her wife Angélica Lozano Correa – said that the above mentioned rules will be lifted as of tomorrow following the great number of acts of violence against trans people in the city since they have been applied.  This is what we can read on The NYC Times.

We had already spoken about the case in Panama in this article and a similar situation happened in Peru where those rules have already been lifted for the same motivation.

When Major Caludia Lopez introduced the restrictions, she had assured the trans community that they should go out on the day corresponding to their gender identity and not be forced to go out on the day corresponding to their legal gender on their ID cards as no police officers would have checked IDs.

However this did not eventually refrain trasphobic people to attack the trans community, as also human-rights groups in the country reports. For example, Red Comunitaria Trans told Reuters they had received 18 discrimination complaints since the measure began, some of them reported also stabbing, beating and physical violence.

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