Bracelona: Trans teenager brutally attacked on Trans Day of Remembrance

Eva Vildosola, only 19 moved to Barcelon to find some peace and live her live normally, but that “peace” was brutally broken by two men who attacked her and called her a “monster” as soon as she left her house on Friday 20th Novemeber.

Not a day like the others, especially for the Trans community worldwide, but the TDOR 2020, that honours, mourns and celebrate all the Trans people around the world and that falls in a horrible year for the entire LGBT+ population that because of the Covid-19 pandemic has faced even more issues and barriers than ever before. 

According to La Vanguardia, a local newspaper, the incident is being investigated by the Catalan police, who are trying to identify her attackers alongside the Barcelona Hate Crimes Prosecutor’s Office.

Eva decided to denounce this crime of hate by posting on Instagram a picture of her bloodied face and said: 


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A post shared by Eva Vildosola (@evacastt)

“This is what has happened to me, but unfortunately it happens to a lot of trans people and it could have ended worse. I do not hurt anyone, you have no right to do this, NO MORE TRANSPHOBIA PLEASE. I do not want to die tomorrow.”

“I am a normal 19-year-old girl. I am transgender, yes, but that does not make me less normal, it does not make me a monster, it does not make me less. I have the right to go out, I have the right to do whatever I want with my social media and I have all the rights that everyone should have.”

Eva also added: “I’ve been living in Barcelona for two months. I came here looking for peace, to enjoy myself because I need it, not to be humiliated, attacked and made to feel like a monster… I DO NOT DESERVE THIS. And from here I denounce it publicly.”

The picture has been shared thousands of times on social media so far, especially on Instagram, where many activists and representatives of the LGBT+ population – like Riky Martin – have expressed their support for Trans People and for Eva.

Eva, the entire team at TGM is with you and will always fight against every form of homo-trans-phobia!

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