Dolche releases Exotic Diorama – a new album that touches our souls.

We spoke to Dolche a few weeks ago and had so much fun with her unique style and costumes. Now she gave birth to her new album and shortly after to her child.

Dolche_ph Ivon Wolak

Dolche is an independent artist that is able to mix in her music sounds and emotions coming from all over the world. Her new album has been produced between Rome, New York, Beirut and Visby, and it is a very important album – both for the artist but for our entire community – as it is all about LGBT+ life and violence against women. 

The album takes his name from the famous dioramas that we can find at the National Museum of Natural History of New York , where each song creates an independent world made of musical influences and atmospheres so distant from one another but  still so matching amongst them.

You can dowload and order the album Exotic Diorama by clicking here. 

Good Luck Dolche.


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