Drag Queens in lockdown deliver a special remake of their iconic “Read U, Wrote U”.

Four Queens in Lockdown

RuPaul’s Drag Race have marked “herstory” of Drags Show worldwide and also educated crows of people on what the art of a Drag Queen is, and how hard it can be to get to certain levels.

This show gave us unforgettable moments and songs, but also unforgettable faces and names that almost became friends for us.  Songs such as “Read U, Wrote U” by the four finalists of All Stars 2, and I am talking about the four queens known as Alaska, Detox, Katya and Roxxxy Andrews, which even in lockdown, have decided to reunite and deliver us an amazing remake of their famous track.

The video went viral as soon as it was released and the 4 queens appear in their best character except from Detox, which as is recovering from a surgery, decided to use a cartoon to cover her face, but I think her cartoon looks great too.

Enjoy the show!


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