Drag Race Italia – S3 – Why Lina Galore should be the winner.

Can Lina Galore win the third series of Drag Race Italia?

We are only 1 day away from the Grand Finale of Drag Race Italia, and this is why I think Lina Galore should win the race.

Lina Galore Drag Race Italia S3 - TheGaylyMirror.com
Lina Galore Drag Race Italia S3 – TheGaylyMirror.com

20th Dec 2023, only 1 week left before we can get to know who is the Next Italian Drag Queen Super Star. Yes, the hype is high, and we all have our favourite Drag Queen. Me? Well… I’m #TeamLinaGalore … and I’ll tell you why.

But first of all: who is Lina Galore?

Lina Galore - TheGaylyMirror.comLina Galore, originally from Naples, is one of the best known and most original drag performers on Milan’s LGBTQI+ scene. She is the example that a Drag Queen can surely wear beautiful wigs and make up, but culture and intelligence can be a Queen’s best friends.

In various interviews, she often said that she takes inspiration from various female characters both from Italy and from the international scene. She loves being sensual but “accessible”. She also loves being naughty (who does not?), and still she does not like being obvious.

Her Drag recalls the easthethics of divas from bygone eras, to those of pin-up and showgirls of the past.

Still her drag might seem a bit cartoony, sometimes, but still what she brings on the runway, shows a long study behind each outfit.

Where does her name come from?

“Lina” comes from the Italian actress Lina Sastri, known for her performance as Ninuccia in Natale in Casa Cupiello, a film that reminds her of her Neapolitan roots. “Galore” comes from her drag mother and former fiancé, Sissy Galore

Why do I think she should win?

Let’s see if I’m able to sell you this idea!?

First of all she has always presented very sophisticated outfits on the runway of Drag Rage Italia. Take a look at the ones below.

Second reason is that she has used us to excellence.

Excellence in challenges where she always played fairly, and used her culture, her knowledge of a high standard of  the Italian language , to amuse the audience and the judges. More than once, Priscilla (the host of the show) was literally blown away with her.

What else can I say to stand my case? Well, Lina Galore has more than once shown her big heart and human side: she has never acted bad against any of the contestants, even if Drag Rage is a competition.

She has shown a fantastic self-control even when, during a Lip-sync Battle, Sypario covered her in different moments to obscure her tricks from the eyes of the judges (well, this really played against Sypario, though).

Also because Lina Galore has proven that being humble and listening to the critics of the judges, can allow you to improve your Drag and your shows.

And last, but not least: can we say that out of drag, he is such a hottie?

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