EUROVISION 2022 – VIDEO REACTION to the outfits on the Turquoise Carpet


We followed live from Turin – press – the Turquoise Carpet of Eurovision Song Contest 2022, and reacted to all the outfits from the artists participating in this year’s event.

Some of them were absolutely stunning and some others a bit less: we are still tying to figure out why many of the artists decided to wear black. Was it something related to the feeling of mourning coming from the war in Ukraine? Was it simply just a choice of fashion? Who knows?

Big big big HANDS UP for Chanel in her revisited-red-sevillana style; for Blanco and Mahmood which were sexyness on a stick; for Michale Ben David and the entourage dressed in Israeli blue; for Ronela Hajati, which brought an astonishing outfit garnished with a rainbow flag on her hat.

I’m sorry for the invasion during Banco and Mahmood’s interview: when we saw the look of fear and terror on Mahmood’s face, we understood something was not right. It is fair and a civil right to demonstrate for something you really care about, and the environment is something we should ALL BE CARING ABOUT, but there are venues for that… surely the Turquoise Carpet of Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, was not the right one.

We hope you enjoy the video and we are curious to know your thoughts. Let us know what you think fo these outfits, who are your qualifiers and who, instead, you think is not going to make it to the Final.

On a “hot” note: did you all have the same “dirty” thoughts about Mr. Estonia, Mr. Azerbaijan and the Romanian dancers? 😛

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