First lesbian couple to marry in Costa Rica

Such an emotional ceremony which was also broadcast live on National TV.

Costa Rica recently made equal marriage legal and just a few minutes after midnight Daritza Araya and Alexandra Castillo celebrated their marriage and love in San Isidro de Heredia.

Sí Acepto Campaing director Gia Miranda said: “As the country and the world face the difficult situation of the pandemic, this historic milestone becomes even more relevant. It’s a message of a better future for thousands of couples and families who will receive the legal recognition they deserve.”

Standing before a marriage officiant in a face mask given the hard situation that South and Central Americas are still facing with Coronavirus, they each exchanged their vows:
“With this ring I join you in marriage. This ring symbolises my infinite love and respect. May this ring remind you that I am always by your side in energy and love.”

The organisation had been planning a public party to mark the milestone, but this was unfortunately not possible due to COVID-19 restrictions. But this was something to be celebrated in any case and LGBT+ couples and activists celebrated the country’s journey to same-sex marriage in a broadcast on state television and social media.

Mazal Tov girls… and my love always guide your life as a family.

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