Germany bans conversion therapies for all people under 18.

“Homosexuality is not a disease, therefore the word therapy is misleading” (German health minister Jens Spahn)

Yesterday, 7ht May 2020, Germany voted to definitely ban conversion therapies for LGBT+ people under the age of 18 and also introduced expensive fines for all adults forcing LGBT+ people to one of this dangerous treatments.

Reuters reported that the health minister Spahn, who is the Christian Democrat party’s most high-profile gay politician, declared early yesterday , Thursday 7th May 2020: “I want a ban which will be robust, including if it’s brought before the courts. Young people are being forced into conversion therapies and so it is very important that they should find support in the existence of this law: a clear signal that the state does not want this to happen.”

This ban is actually throwing shame on countries like Italy, the UK and the USA (even though many States have banned these practices), as both countries have not yet banned those “therapies”.

However, some of the German political parties find this resolution not enough. In fact, a spokesperson of the Green Party said: “Only minors are to be protected from this life-endangering charlatanry. At the very least young people aged between 18 and 26 need comparable protection, as is shown by the experiences of coming-out and many young people’s dependence on their families.”

Germany, you’re such a Shady Queen and we like you!


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