Italian extreme-right wing Party blocking a proper law against homophobia

Lega Party and his leader, Matteo Salvini, are obstructing the discussion and the approval of the so called Zan bill, showing once again, how racist and homophobe they can be.

The discussion of the Zan bill (that takes the name from the MP that first proposed it), has been stopped once again from Lega – the Italian extreme-right-party – because according to the leader, Matteo Salvini, “Italy does not need a new law regulating acts of homophobia, as laws in Italy already punish all acts of racism and hate and because this law is divisive and not foreseen by the government programme.”

(Right to left) Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni
(Right to left) Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni

This is what also, another fascist leader of the Italian Parliament – Giorgia Meloni – repeatedly affirms, adding also that if the Zan bill is approved, Italian citizens would loose every right to their free speech. Knowing the kind of person she is, we know she is referring to her freedom, but as well to all the other supporters of her and Salvini’s parties, to freely say that all “LGBT+ people need to be cured”, that “children must have a mum and a dad”, and that “gay couple have no rights to exist”.

On the other side, and luckily, Senator Monica Cirinnà – a real champion of justice for civil rights in Italy, and the one who made Same Sex Unions a reality in this country – is fighting again to make sure this bill gets the time to be discussed and consequently approved by the Senate in the shortest possible time.

Senator Monica Cirinnà

She said: “The Democratic Party will absolutely request the incorporation of the Zan bill. With us there are also M5s, LEU and Italia viva. It is a parliamentary measure. There is no majority agreement on courtroom measures – continues senator Monica Cirinnà-. The majority pact is valid on government measures, therefore economy or pandemic. But a parliamentary measure, which has already been passed in the House, has no reason to be stopped ”.

Italy recently saw a new and horrible episode of homophobia in one of Rome’s underground stations, where a gay couple was assaulted and beaten after a kiss. The entire aggression was filmed on the mobile phone of one of the couple’s friends and the attacker was identified, but without a proper law, this miserable person could easily live his life with no risks of being punished by the law!

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