Italy – when homosexuality is compared to mental illness.

Wedding is NULL because his wife is Lesbian.

This is what happens in Apulia, south of Italy, in a beautiful region reach of history, art, great food and breathtaking beaches, where religion is way too strong to sometimes stop homophobia, and where Anna – this is the name of this unlucky character – found her self to be considered guilty of “mental illness” simply because she understood and accepted she was Lesbian. 

She has been married to Antonio for over 10 years, gave him three beautiful children and slowly, with an inner struggle, she finally understood and accepted her homosexuality, but for the Apulian Ecclesiastical Court and for the Cassation this has been recognized as a disabling reason for the marriage and therefore for its immediate dissolution through the Roman Rota.

The attempts of the General Procurate of the Supreme Court – Francesca Cerioni – who is also a magistrate specialised in family and personal law, to oppose to this “discriminatory” decision against the “sexual and emotional freedom” of the woman involved, were vain against the resolutions issued by the Regional Ecclesiastical Court of Apulia and implemented by the Court of Appeal of Lecce in 2017, that justified their verdict by describing Anna as suffering from “mental illness”.

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