Jack Dunne – Irish Pro-Rugby player – publicly comes out as bisexual

Rugby has always been a very inclusive sport, one of the most open-minded team-sports, and a new player – Jack Dunne – comes out publicly about his sexuality.

The player for Irish team Leinster discussed his sexuality in a recent Pride-themed webinar for his team’s YouTube page, and speaking to TV presenter Craig Doyle, 22-year-old Jack said he’s actually been “out as bisexual for four or five years now – but not out in the media.

In a following interview with the Independent.ie he added: “I kind of realised when I was 15 or 16, but you are in a school full of teenage boys. […] A lot of them would say things that they wouldn’t even be thinking about, but they are just doing it out of ignorance. So when you hear that you kind of just want to keep it to yourself. […] Being bisexual is almost a blessing and a curse. You can hide it way easier. You can go out with the lads and do all that stuff, but it is easier to not be true to yourself. […] Eventually, in sixth year I told one or two people and they took it really well so I decided to tell everyone and if someone has a problem with it, that’s on them. It went pretty well, there were one or two people who said ‘you are not bisexual, you are gay and you won’t come out’, but largely it was overwhelmingly positive so it was a massive weight off the shoulders when I did that.”

He than stated: “It’s definitely on my mind that people could be like, he is the bisexual rugby player, instead of – he is a bisexual who plays rugby. But at the same time, maybe there are some kids across the country who could do with a role model.

He then thanked all his fans and supporters with a message on twitter.

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