Mahmood and Blanco fully naked on the cover of Vanity Fair Italia

Mahmood and Blanco are on top of the world now, and after winning Sanremo 2022, they are heading to Eurovision Song Contest 2022 and tickling their fans with this full-naked picture on the cover of Vanity Fair Italia.

That Mahmood could get everyone else’s eyes on him because of his beauty and his voice, but also because of the character he created around him, was something we all knew about, but since he started this cooperation with Blanco things have a reached a much higher level of interest. 

Vanity Fair Italia - Cover with Mahmood and Blanco fully naked.
Vanity Fair Italia – Cover with Mahmood and Blanco fully naked.


Mahmood and Blanco started their cooperation for their song “Brividi” that since the very first time was clearly going to win Festival di Sanremo 2022… and since this happened, they will be representing Italy at Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin. 

Their participation in this Eurovision is one fo the most expected things this year: it is a return for Mahmood that in 2019 (Tel Aviv) was a runner up, and was undoubtedly robbed, but it will also be a great new possibility for him and for the “Blanchood” duo to try and keep Eurovision Song Contest in Italy for another year.

Mahmood and Blanco have already said, various times, that they have a very strong friendship, but to us they do let us breathe some serious bromance that we are all happy about.

In any case, they do have a great song for this year’s Eurovision, and together, their voices and their staging, really give us all “brividi” [shivers]

Good Luck guys!!! 

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