Eurovision Australia Decides 2022 – Sheldon Riley tells us about his song and his dream to participate in Eurovision Song Contest.

Sheldon Riley will be competing in Eurovision Australia Decides 2022 for his chance to fly to Turin for Eurovision Song Contest 2022, and he told us about his song, the challenges he had to overcome and the future projects.

7.30 AM in Australia, 9.30 PM of the previous day in the UK: we waited for this moment to finally be able to have a chat with the one and only, super sweet and fashion Sheldon Riley.

Everyone wants a slice of the pie [Eurovision] and I want mine now!“, said Sheldon talking about Eurovision Song Contest, a contest and an event that he defined like the real “safe place for everyone, and not only for LGBT+ people”

He added that seeing Conchita Wurst on the stage of Eurovision in 2014 blew his mind and in that moment he understood the power, the greatness and the beauty that Eurovision Song Contest has.

Singing this song for Eurovision Australia Decides 2022 is not easy for Sheldon “I force myself not to get emotional, but it is hard”, he said. “When listening to this song is like people are reading a page of my diary”.

Sheldon is also a honest and strong LGBT+ Artist that truly believes in the power of coming out, respecting everyone else’s timing, but above all, making others aware that coming out is often a painful process, but one that takes us to discover our safe place.

Watch the full interview with Sheldon Riley in the video below.


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