Not even Coronavirus is able to stop this wave of Homophobia and Antisemitism.

If it can’t be stopped yet, at least we hoped covid-19 would have slowed it down …but the sad reality tells us this is not the case (unfortunately).

The pic you see above has been taken during a hate-parade held on 12th May in Huntington Beach (USA), where almost 200 people gathered together to express their feelings of anger and frustration for the “stay-at-home” order the State imposed to avoid more victims during this Coronavirus pandemic.

Let me say that they also expressed their sad ignorance.

Governor Gavin Newsom decided to close bars, restaurants and various businesses in the State, also imposing the temporary closure of all Orange County beaches to prevent the enormous spread of Coronavirus that is hitting USA these last couple of weeks.

Numbers say that at least 95,087 people are known to have died from coronavirus in the US, and circa 3,542 of that number are cases belonging to the State of California.

The state’s relatively low number of deaths is largely due to the early implementation of strict stay-at-home orders, something that protestors call “tyranny”.

Those people you see in the picture are port of a group of “wise” citizens that have declared this lockdown “a violation of their constitutional rights.”

So they decided to have a little parade to fight for their rights, but nothing could have made us thing this could have turned into a Nazi and Homophobic march.

Lisa Collins – event organiser – carried a sign proclaiming ‘COVID-19: A test run at socialism’, and told the LA Times:

“It’s time that California opens back up. We can’t complain about our freedoms and liberties being taken away if we aren’t willing to do something. Now is the time. We’ve complied… It’s time for America to get back to work.”

We couldn’t agree more with Adam Eli’s words in his Instagram post

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