Agenda pushing ‘gender dysphoria’ is a mental health illness

Let’s get one thing straight ! no pronouns will cure gender dysphoria. It is a mental health illness which can be regulated with therapy. The denial of therapy being the key success to regulation is simply absurd while the belief that labels and pronouns ‘they’ and ‘them’ are of great assistance. Such allegation parallels that of ‘all schizophrenics can be treated by admitting that the hallucinations are real’. When someone suffers from a mental health illness, the first point is to find the source of the problem. The definition of gender dysphoria by the NHS is as follows ‘a condition where a person experiences discomfort or distress because there’s a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity’. It’s sometimes known as gender incongruence.’ In other words, to cure gender incongruence one must have gender reassignment. 


What do I mean by it is a mental health illness ? People have hijacked the movement to suit their own agenda. Transexuals have found themselves muddled up in unappreciated affairs the LGBT community are forcing upon everyone. As mentioned in my previous articles, a dictatorship is occuring, I just wonder who will be leading the preposterous fundamentalists.

You cannot appropriate a mental health illness to push forward your personal agenda. We live in an individualist society which gave the LGBT community their penchant for  extravagance and flamboyance; It allows each of us to express our inner selves. Why does the LGBT community feel that it is suitable to become something and someone that we are not by claiming that we are all to become part of the ludicrous agenda pushing movement. It is farcical that people who are not affected by gender dysphoria to suddenly claim they feel like a man one day and a woman the next but sometimes they have no gender. If you cannot see how far this agenda pushing has taken a toll on those affected by gender dysphoria, the common public and perhaps has caused distress in those that feel the need to be someone they are not based on their allegiance to the LGBT community. 


Gender dysphoria is not a mental health illness but agenda pushing such a complex and traumatising condition to suit one’s liberalism because they perceive it to be befitting is a serious mental health illness. Humanity has considerably regressed and thus how can the LGBT community be taken seriously if they can’t realise they have already climbed through the wardrobe and are only a short walking distance from Narnia. 

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