Pope Ratzinger booms against gay marriages and abortion

“Gay weddings and abortion are signs of the Antichrist”

Here we go again, the Pope who abdicated for a younger and more likeable Pope, the one who was put in the corner by Saint Mother Church because his likability had fallen so so much to become frightening for the entire Church Organisation, just can’t really stay quiete and water his little roses.

In his biography that is being published today in Germany, and as anticipated by the ultra-conservative and Catholic American website LifeSiteNews, PapaRatzy allows himself to a series of questions in which he touches subjects, that in his opinion, are dangerous for the power of the Church in the world.

According to what the aforementioned site anticipated, the real problems for The Church Ltd., are not the myriads of sexual abuses on children that for decades have been denied and hidden; it is not the tacit agreement with the Nazis during the Second World War for the deportation of the Jewish people; and it is not what happened with the theft of confidential documents of The Vatileaks scandal, not at all! 

According to Ratzinger “The real threat to the Church and therefore to the Petrine ministry does not lie in these things, but in the world of dictatorship of those apparently humanistic ideologies, that if you contradict you get excluded from the basic social consensus”. And to still use Paparatzy’s words, it would be “a relativist ideology […] the supreme religious deception comes from the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in the place of God and his Messiah”.

But even the progress of society, always according to the former head of the Vatican, would hide behind this diabolical drift of our times: “One hundred years ago, everyone would have considered it absurd to speak of a homosexual marriage while today we are excommunicated from society if we oppose to it.” Oh, and it is useless to add that according to Benedict XVI the same applies to “abortion and the creation of human beings in laboratories”.

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